neil mcleod



porthmeor studios     st ives   cornwall   july 5th to 12th (monday to friday)   2016

In a period tagged as ‘post-internet’, what’s the point of painting?

Neil McLeod


In these paintings the language is one of distillation. Memory, if understood as a dynamic action rather than a static store, is a process of iteration in which narrative fragments and episodes are subject to continual recalibration and reformulation. The paintings echo this experience; images appear, sink, reform, sensitive to the fluctuations of nmenonic recall and physical act. Within the context of the endless glut of images that populate digital environments, these paintings move in the opposite direction in a process of internal remembrance.




Kate Southworth


Sensed fragments, fragile and provisional, oscillate across the ground. Partial strands of unfamiliar life find momentary form. In the paintings, digital and analogue, these elements touch one upon the other, destabilising boundaries, seeping across thresholds.  With awareness of the hidden power structures embedded in networked and digital organisational forms, the work explores the potential of painting not as a specific medium but as site and psyche of potentiality.  It is here, in the relation between elements, that the politics, aesthetics and ethics of the work reside